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Are you looking for California travel deals or best Pacific Coast travel sites? We've chosen from the many available travel sites to bring you the ones we feel provide the best and most complete information.

The content of these sites covers travel arrangements, what to see, where to go, accomodations, background, and culture on the various places covered.

Be sure to browse through them and enjoy the best in California travel deals and Pacific Coast travel sites.

When evaluating sites that would provide solid travel information for our viewers (you) about this area, we used one or more popular questions, for example:
  • What are the major tourist attractions?

  • How to find local, state, and national parks?

  • Where is the best camping?

  • What are the best beaches, lakes, or mountains to visit?

  • Is it easy to navigate and find lodging including hotels and B&Bs?

Unfortunately, the one good site we really liked is no longer functioning.

What are the major attractions in Northern California?

For a site to do well, it will make it easy for you to find these attractions and also lots of information about each.

A good travel site lists these attractions by county and/or area, so it's pretty easy for you to zone in on the specific area of Northern Cal that you're interested in.

Northern california best travel deals peru

As an example of the variety of attractions that should be covered, here are a few of the content pages:

San Francisco Attractions, Big Sur Attractions, Marin County Attractions, Trinity County Attractions, and Trinity County Attractions.

Under each of these pages you'll find that specific attractions will have there own page with interesting info.

Looking at San Francisco Attractions, a separate page on the Golden Gate bridge would be interesting.

For example, the fact that you can shop right on the bridge (we've been over it numerous times but never on foot) - and some entertaining facts about the bridge.

Like the 19 men who  fell off during the construction but were saved by nets strung below the bridge; they formed a club called the Halfway to Hell Club. :)

Since I (David) graduated high school and lived a number of years in N. Cal, I wouldn't exactly say I'm a tourist. But, hey, there's so much to learn about N. Cal that even a local can be a tourist.

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Fort Bragg HotelsBeachcomber Motel Fort Bragg

Located on the California Coastal Trail, this beachfront Magnuson Hotels affiliate offers direct access to Pudding Creek Beach and is walking distance from Glass Beach.

...more Fort Bragg Hotels

Feel free to contact us with any sites you would like to recommend as well as questions or suggestions.

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