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Online advertising is probably the best buy for your advertising dollar today.

On this page:

Compare it with a highway billboard
, to use an extreme example.

  1. Hundreds of people drive by and see the billboard ad.
  2. Hopefully, someone will be interested and want to buy.
  3. However, your ad is going out to many people who could care less about your product.

Much of media advertising follows this "hit or miss" method.

    The idea is good to a certain extent, "Put it in front of enough people and someone will bite."

Online advertising, on the other hand is much better and much more focused.
  • The people that see your ad are already interested in your related market.
  • Instead of paying for hit or miss ads, you are paying much less money for a much more focused market.

Focused Traffic Makes for Good Advertising Online

On our site Inside-Peru, for example, all our viewers are interested in Peru.

They may be highly motivated to travel or buy books about Peru and South America.

Our viewers are interested in:

  • Hotels, Hostels, and Home Stays
  • Clothing
  • Insurance
  • Tours
  • Tour Guides
  • Equipment - Luggage, Hiking, Backpacking, etc
  • Airline tickets
  • Auto rentals
  • Spanish Classes
  • Restaurants
  • Books and Maps
  • Other Travel Sites
  • Travel Videos
...and other products that go along with traveling or living in Peru and nearby countries.

Our Online Advertising - Websites

At this time, we have two websites offering online ads.

The one you are viewing right now, Inside-Peru.com, was started early in 2010. It is a quickly-growing site where you can get in on a ground floor opportunity.

How to Buy Online Advertising on Inside-Peru

Your best results for the money are using the ad packages below. If you are interested in text links on a few pages only, please scroll down to the submission form and state the page(s) and word(s) that you would like linked to your site.

Simple linked text ads are $100 for one year. Not all pages are available at this low price. Feel free to ask for more information.

First, though, check our ad packages below.

Our Best Ad Packages:

Note: Due to Google requirements, all ads are now nofollow links.

At Inside-Peru.com, you can buy online advertising at just pennies per exposure to a targeted audience. Here are our website's online advertising rates and specs:


  • All right-column ads are 190 x125px unless specially requested or otherwise shown below.
  • They can be graphic ads or text link ads.

Your right-column ad size

Option 1:

Home Page, Right Column: Ads in the right column of our home page (the most visited).

Cost: The cost of the home page ad is $25.00 per month.

Your right-column ad size

Option 2:

Top 5 T2 Pages: Right Column box or text.

Cost: $120.00 per year. Ads run on 3 of the top 5 pages.

Your right-column ad size

Option 3:

The page or pages of your choice:

Your link will appear at the end of the page content following this example:


Next, don't miss the following related pages:

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T2 page $120 a year
T3 pages - $60.00 per year:. (Feel free to ask for specifics).

This is very cost effective. For instance, an ad for Clothing could run on our Peruvian Clothing page (T3), which has 1,000 page views a month, for a cost of only $5.00 USD per month.

How to Pay

    Payments are made at the start date of the ad through Paypal. The ad runs for 12 months.

Submit an Article - Excellent Online Advertising Tip!

In conjunction with the block or text link ad that your purchase on one or more page, an excellent and focused choice in online advertising is our full-page offer.

  • Your paid link (one of the above options) on our site will take the viewer to a landing page on Inside-Peru dedicated to your product or service.

  • You provide an article about your product or service of up to 600 words and we take care of setting it up. There is a one-time fee of $75.00 for this landing page.

  • If you discontinue your block or link paid ad for any reason and then later renew it, the landing page is available to you indefinitely at no further charge.

  • Your article can contain three links to the URL of your choice as well as 4 photos.

Submission, Review, and Confirmation of Your Online Ad Request

I am currently accepting sponsorship requests (ads) from companies that offer goods and services that would be of interest to my readers.
  • No more than 4 ad blocks will be allowed per page (2 maximum per product or service).
To tell the truth, I am selective. I review all products and services to make sure they will benefit the audience to my site. All high-quality businesses who have relevant products or services can advertise with us.

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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