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Build a Niche Website

Our Website Success Story

by David and Lin Schneider

Back in 2007, we started our first website, Odyssey Sea Glass. Without any previous experience, within a year, we had a successful online business! 

Then, we added two more, one on the country of Peru and another on solar energy. We sold the solar energy site and kept Inside-Peru and this site, OdysseySeaGlass.

What would you consider a successful website?

On this page, we look at:

Success 1 - Proud to be the Owner - Build a Niche Website One measure of success is your personal feeling that your have really accomplished something.
David and Lin Los Organos Peru web site niche build a niche website

 When we began this website business thing, we had no idea of how to do it and very low expectations of what the results would be.

 Now, we can say we are the PROUD owners of three beautiful sites - and actually get to work at something we ENJOY doing, like this site you are viewing right now.

Success 2 - Lots of Happy Visitors 

Success includes being able to share good things with others.

We have the enjoyment of sharing a lot of really valuable things with others, as their comments have shown.

Not only that, our visitors themselves contribute a LOT on their part everyday to our sites.

Success 3 - First Page on Google - Build a Niche Website

Wow, how do you get on the first page of Google for your niche? By doing what we're doing.

Check it out, for example: If you search the world of Google for websites on sea glass, there we are, OdysseySeaGlass, right on the first page! That sure feels like success!

Success 4 - Live Where You Want

How many people can actually live where they want?

 Most are tied down by where they work. With a successful website, you can live just about anywhere...as long as there is internet (that's most of the world now).

Los Organos sunset niche story build a niche website
We were always interested in the North Coast of Peru, for its sun, surf, and beautiful beaches, etc. We now live here!

Success 5 - Passive Income and Plenty of It 

- Build a Niche Website

Although many people would put this first on the list, without the first four factors success would be rather empty. But who doesn't need money? 

Although, we're not rolling in it yet, I (David) have quit my old job and now only work on our websites. 

We can take off for a few days...or a few weeks...and the money keeps coming in. And increases each month.

Sure, it takes a lot of work at first ... but what doesn't? And the work put in at first pays off in a big way with steady income later that doesn't stop when you're ready to hit the road for a vacation!

Build a Niche Website Success - This Can Happen to Me? Or You?

Our thoughts exactly when we first considered putting up the money ($299.00 USD) for a one-year website program. Yes, even that small amount is hard for a lot of us to justify.

Then, after doing very little for the first year due to time constraints and other things, coming up with that amount for the second year took a lot of thought.

However, we did it and are VERY happy we made that decision.

Within a few months of paying for that second year, the site was paying for itself - PLUS some decent pocket money.

By the end of that second (first year of work), the money coming in from Google ads alone was adding significantly to our household income.

Success - Who, What, Where, When, How?

Yup, how in the world did we, me already in my late 50s, with no knowledge of building any kind of internet site, ever achieve these measures of success?

It all has to do with the BEST internet building program in the world, SBI.

Not a get-rich-quick scheme, not a MultiLevel Marketing scam, not even expensive, SBI is taught in a number of the best colleges in North America at the present time, for good reason.

SBI simply shows you, as it did us, how to build websites that will make it to the top 1% in the world...and for only a few dollars a month.

Would we have started another two websites if we weren't convinced that SBI is the best? I'll answer that...no, we wouldn't have.

And we are not alone.

Thousands of people just like you...or with even less know-how or computer and business knowledge now have learned how to build a niche website and have sites at the top of Google ranking for their area of business, their niche.

Take a look right now at what real people just like you have done and how you can do it, too.

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