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Here are Inside-Peru's reviews for Best Spain Travel Sites. Included on these sites are luxury or budget travel to Spain, fun facts, and interesting information on the best hotels and Spain food, culture, or tours.

I am reviewing these Budget Travel Spain web sites paying attention to what many of you are looking for:

  • Spain Fun Facts
  • Spain Food, Culture
  • Budget Travel, Spain
  • Interesting Facts about Spain
  • Hotels and Spain

Best Spains Sites Include the Following:

  • Spain Fun Facts - A site about a destination in Spain would include the usual facts, ie, a list of the capital, population, weather, size, etc. These would give you a good point of quick comparison to other destinations in Spain that you might be considering. A search box on the main page where you could enter "facts" is important in order for you to find pages where general and specific facts are to be found, including maps to make visualizing the island easier. 

  • Spain Food, Culture - Who could do without this? Not me :)
  • Budget Travel, Spain - A lot of us are interested in budget travel to Spain (or elsewhere). After some background on nearby airports, details about the cheaper airlines flying from England and other countries to those destinations are important. Since flights are probably the most expensive aspect of traveling, this information about budget travel to Spain is very handy. A helpful feature would be  info on how to optimize budget travel to Spain by flying into Europe first, then booking to your destination in Spain via cheaper tickets.
  • Interesting Facts about Spain - Some people are looking for the  basic rundown of facts like what you might find on the CIA site. However, it would be better to include more readable material, perhaps a list of Ten Top Spots that each link to a page on the destination site. This makes it easy to find info if you don't know much about the destination and want a general over view - or if you know quite a bit and are looking for some specific information on one spot.
  • Hotels and Spain - The second biggest ticket item when traveling is usually hotels - and Spain has a good variety from budget-oriented hotels to luxury hotels. Looking at a specific destination, you want to find information that goes beyond what you would find on one of the big Hotels sites. Of value would be recommending specific hotels for various purposes, including where to go with kids, hotels from vintage to chic, hotels from the coast to the mountains, and from budget to luxury.

Reviewed Sites

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