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Budget China Travel Deals - Visa For China

When people with money enough for luxuries first began to travel for pleasure, China was one of the destinations of choice.

Why Visit China?

With its extensive history and highly-developed culture, arts, and poetry, China fired the imagination and desire for first-hand experience of its treasures.

The Great Wall of China is among the Seven Wonders of the World. Its styles of dress, art, and the poetry form of haiku have been among the influences seen in Western Culture of the last two centuries.

Budget China Travel Deals - Visa For China

With the change in policy of the government during the 1900s, tourism was limited to a great extent. Now, however, with the right information, you can obtain a visa and enjoy China for yourself. How?

We are gradually compiling a list of sites that we feel are very helpful, especially ones on how to find budget China travel deals as well as tours and luxury lodging.

Here are some sites worth checking out:


This China visa website has two purposes:
  • Help you have a smooth process of getting a Chinese visa to go to the land of China, and

  • Gain better understanding of Chinese culture, the old and sometimes enigmatic civilization, no matter whether you go to China or not.

Budget China Travel
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China Travel - A comprehensive China travel guide. Plan your China tour with our China travel guide to top China destinations, China hotels & attractions.

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