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Boobies, Humped-Back Whales, Sea Glass in Peru

by Lin Schneider

Blue-footed Booby and Peruvian Booby Rookery

Blue-footed Booby and Peruvian Booby Rookery

Northern Peru - Ah, blue skies, wonderful weather, no humidity to speak of at this time of year (August), and the beach is just beautiful.

Amazing how much sand has come back around here (Los Organos and Punta Velero, Peru). It's good for walking, but not so good for our hobby ("work") of finding sea glass. I never would have thought all the rocks that we had to climb over a few months ago are totally buried.

But, if you're like us, there's always something to hold our attention as in:

* Today we had the joy of seeing the humpback whales on their migration south jumping out of the water and having a good time. This is the time of year for that here. It must have been a pod of about 10; an awesome sight.

* Then, too, the blue footed boobies are back and roosting on along with the Peruvian Booby clan at La Mesa (just south of the point heading south of Los Organos), probably at least a 1000 of them right now.

* Then we saw a seahorse, a moray eel (dead from swallowing fish net), and a big blow fish; all deceased but still intact. Don't think I'd want to get too close to a live moray eel from what I've heard.

* So even though right now isn't great for sea glass, it's still so relaxing to walk the beach and see what you can see. Last time I had a huge hermit crab coming straight at me down the beach. I stopped and just watched him.

What will we see next? What have you all seen in your beach forays?

Again, we appreciate so much hearing from everybody and the pics.

Happy hunting.

Lin from Odyssey Sea Glass and right here at

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