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Bird on Cactus - May 2011 Peru Photo Contest

by Luis Arenas
(Madrid, Spain)

Bird on Cactus

Bird on Cactus

I was around Pisac, in Cusco, working as a volunteer building a little school he is founding.

It is a school for the children of the village, being bilingual in Quechua and Spanish. So, for some time I had contact with the people of the village, specially the little ones.

I remembered a girl who always talked me about the "picaflor", a bird typically from the Pisac valley.

For several days I tried to search it but never found it, so I began to think that was just the imagination of a little girl.

Suddenly, one day, in a working break, I went for a walk and heard a noise. I turns my head around and there he was, standing on a cactus.

Very slowly I took a picture, but the bird gave me just one opportunity and flew away. Never again I saw another picaflor bird.


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