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Biding Time - May 2011 Peru Photo Contest

by Mark Flexhaug
(Surrey, BC, Canada)

Biding Time (Old Man Of Peru)

Biding Time (Old Man Of Peru)

~ submitted by Mark Flexhaug, Surrey, BC, Canada

I saw this old man almost everyday for months till I moved away from Chimbote.

He couldn't speak and I never saw him move.

Taken in the Spring of '85.

~ submitted by Mark Flexhaug, Surrey, BC, Canada

On the streets of most cities and towns in Peru, you can find old people sitting along the sidewalks hoping for a handout.


Although there is a system of social security here in Peru, the reality is that many people do not qualify for it.

Then again, they may qualify but their paperwork may be tied up in a legal knot, lost, or just tossed on a pile and forgotten.

These people do not have enough money to eat, much less pay a lawyer to get their claims straightened out.

Here in Peru it is very true that... no money no justice.

Unfortunately, it is not only in Peru that the poor get the raw end of the deal.

In every third-world country corruption and payoffs benefit the rich and deny basic means of living to the poor and unfortunate.

Many are awaiting a new system of things that can only come from one source.


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