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The Mediterranean - just the sound of the word brings to mind charming beaches, gnarled olive trees, blue waters, ancient cities, azure skies overall, and romance.

For some, a cruise to the Grecian Isles is their dream. Others long to walk the same streets as famed Caesars of old.

Whatever your dreams may be, the Mediterranean certainly deserves a place in them.

Each of the Mediterranean travel sites below has been selected by me personally. Not only do they contain information on the best Mediterranean cruises, travel deals and hotels, these travel sites go much further with entertaining and informative content on culture, customs, people, and photos as well as where to go and what to see.



If sunbathing and total relaxation by the pool/sea is your thing then Cyprus is a perfect destination with guaranteed sunshine in the peak months June-August.

And if you are one of the many people looking for things to discover and DO on their holiday, come and discover the secret Cyprus that most people don't know about!
cyprus best mediterranean

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  • the diversity of its culture,
  • the delicious food,
  • the unique Moroccan architecture and decor,
  • the warm beautiful weather,
  • the long line of exotic scenery along the clean uncrowded beaches,
  • the hospitality and generosity of Moroccans
and so much more. 


Don't you love the Mediterranean? Lin and David here at Inside-Peru surely would love a year's trip.

We know that even a year would not be enough to cover the sights surrounding this historic and colorful body of water.

The climate has been used to describe the ideal weather for human life.

A trip to the Mediterranean, whether it be Greece, Italy, the Riviera or one of the many other entrancing countries and cultures has always been the aim of those aspiring to a life of cruises, culture, and comfort.

Inside-Peru invites you to take the best Mediterranean cruises - from the comfort of your armchair first.

Then when you have your itinerary mapped out, you're on your way on the Best Mediterranean Cruises!

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