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Recommended Sites for Best Africa Travel!

Each of the best Africa travel sites below has been selected by us here at Inside Peru personally. Whether you're looking for a cheap Africa vacation, luxuruy tours, or information on travel, culture, and adventure in Africa, these sites are among the best!

Africa sunset
Africa Sunset by mar15ka

Since I was just a kid, I have loved to read the old novels about Africa - it is amazing the insight into culture and language that the English authors of the 1800s had.

In the days when "the sun didn't set on the British Empire," many Brits were born and died in such amazing countries as Egypt and Kenya.

Their tales of growing up in "far away places with strange-sounding names" have inspired many to put Africa onto their "bucket list," including, of all people, my mother-in-law, who will be going soon at the age of 75.

For those of us interested in going in the future, there is a lot of armchair information on the internet. We've listed a few for your enjoyment.

Have fun browsing these sites!

Africa Travel Information

This is a blog on Africa travel with great news and information about holiday destinations in Africa.

When we were looking for a informative sources on travel in Africa, we had to delve a little more deeply than we thought.

There are, of course, many safari-promoting sites, and those are great if a safari is what you're looking for.

Africa Travel Information does provide an easy way to look up their large variety of safaris.

However, when we took a look at this blog, we were specifically in interested in one area: What else is there to do in Africa? What about Adventure Travel? Here's what we found.

Adventure Travel in Africa

In one of his blogs titled "Are You Looking for an Adventure Safari in Africa?" Timothy Kirigha talks about various adventure activities available in Africa with links to resources.

These adventure travel suggestions included:
  • Swimming with Sharks in South Africa
  • Sky Diving in Kenya
  • Endurance Trekking – Fish River Canyon in Namibia (among others he lists), which Tim considers "the ultimate hiking trail."
  • Desert Expeditions
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Bungee Jumping at the Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa

On each of these topics, Timothy gave details, recommendations, and resources.


If you are headed for Africa and want to do more than safaris, this site is one you'll definitely need to bookmark.

Best Africa Travel South Africa
Mystic South Africa
Gayle Ullman
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Africa - Holidays, Vacation and Adventure

Travel to Africa - fun, hustle-free and full of adventure in exotic Africa.
Best Africa Travel Kenya
Wildebeest Migration, Masai Mara, Kenya
Dee Ann Pederson
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Best Africa Travel Kenya Gap Adventures
Kenya Wildlife Adventure - Gap Adventures

From dramatic savannahs to the Great Rift Valley, experience Kenya in all its glory.
  • Travel the vast open plains and rolling hills of the Masai Mara and scour the wilderness for Africa's 'Big 5'.
  • Full service camping under the big African sky will bring you closer to the region’s wildlife and gets you off the beaten path so you can really experience this land's unique culture.

  • Our small safari vehicles minimize drive times and improve your chances of snapping that perfect shot of some of the most amazing animals on the planet.

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Feel free to contact us with any sites you would like to recommend as well as questions or suggestions.

Although I have lived in five different countries for a good part of my life and now living again in Peru, I still can't kick the wanderlust. Fortunately, my live-in maid who I also happen to be married to has the itchy foot too - but she likes Peru a lot.

The north coast of Peru is sunny most of the year. In fact, Los Organos, Peru and Huanchaco, Peru - where we have been living is just around the turning point where the cool and cloudy days cease to exist.

But we spend lots of time anyway perusing the net (I mean, it's our business) and a good part of that time is looking at other travel sites like the ones above.

What do you think that does for the gypsy in us? Calm it down? Right!

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