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Barrios Altos, Lima - May 2012 Peru Photo Contest

by Rocío Mirón
(Madrid, Spain)

Barrios Altos, Lima

Barrios Altos, Lima

By: Rocío Mirón - Madrid, Spain

Where was this photo taken? City or location:
Barrios Altos, Lima

Information on this location:

Barrios Altos is a suburb of the capital city of Peru, Lima.

It is on the eastern side of Lima and its streets belong to the Historic Center of Lima.

Its name in English woud be "High Neighborhoods" and is derived from its location on the rising ground that begins to slope up to the western side of the Andes.

It is higher than the rest of Old Town Lima and you will notice the slight uphill grade as you head away from the rest of the Historic Center.

When the Spaniards founded the "City of the Kings," today known as Lima, in January of 1535 in the valley of the Rimac river, the early buildings were not far from the sacred place of the Incas in the Rimac valley known as the "limay." That term itself is from the Inca language and refers to a temple or ritual center.

From the word "limay" came the name of the modern city of Lima.

Barrios Altos traces its history back to the early Spanish colonial days of the 1500s and has been the birth place and home of many famous Peruvians over the centuries.

Today, it has neighborhoods that reflect the gamut of modern Peru - from Chinese to Afroperuvian, from European to Amerindian.

For the tourist, Barrios Altos has a lot to see, with many ancient monasteries, churches, and plazas as well as two famous cemeteries with their impressive


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