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Arkansas, US single-mom JW wants to serve in South or Central America

by Tori
(Malvern, AR USA)

Hi from Arkansas!

Hi from Arkansas!

I am a single sister living in Arkansas, now that I am on SS disability I have the freedom to travel to serve for Jehovah, I have two teenage kids who could really benefit from leaving the decadence here and train to love missionary life as well.

I have a small pension income but its not enough to qualify for a pensioners visa and because of my limited income I can't afford to travel back and forth even once a year to renew a tourist visa :( I am praying to Jehovah everyday for guidance in this matter.

Here in the states our low income puts us deep in poverty, we are a burden on the congregation, but in Ecuador, Peru, Dominican Republic, somewhere down farther south we have enough income to live comfortably.

I wish I knew some way to make it happen! I am obligated to stay here until January 2012, then I would love to go! If anyone has an idea, maybe a single brother?? lol

Please feel free to email me...


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