Are papaya seeds good for expelling parasites?

by Simo
(Los Órganos, Peru)

Papaya seeds

Papaya seeds

We've heard from someone that you should eat papaya seeds every now and then to protect against parasites when traveling in countries such as Peru, and in case you have some, for expelling them. Is this true?

If so, what is a good dosage for a thorough cleanup, a teaspoon of seeds each day or more? And do the seeds have any unwanted side effects?

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Add Garlic Remedy
by: Shawn in Ecuador, SA

I got super sick a couple weeks ago (felt like I had typhoid again) and I did the papaya seed clean. Well it did stop the diarrhea but I think the infection was all through my body.

I did some research and found that fresh garlic, diced or crushed (very important step), if you let it sit for 10 minutes and then take it down raw it forms a natural antibiotic antimicrobial called something like allicin.

minced garlic

Well that made all the difference, I did two cloves of garlic, three times a day and killed the body aches and fever within a day. I've been doing two cloves a night ever since and I feel a lot more energy in general.

It's a little nasty taking raw garlic that way, I have it with a tiny bit of water mixed in and take it down like a shot of medicine. Sometimes I add a couple limes.

I'm sure I would be on antibiotics or in the hospital by now if it wasn't for the garlic.

My dad does one or two cloves a day as he had colon cancer 15 years ago and supposedly it is a good preventor due to the strong antioxidant effect.

He hardly gets sick and lives in Tijuana, Mexico eating tacos on the street every day!

Nigerian research proved it
by: Lance Baker
The Nigerian study linked above is the origin of this idea. They used dry seeds mixed with honey, but people in the Philippines have a tradition of eating whole seeds, not even chewing them, just swallow like pills.

Thanks for this addition, Lance. However, we have been using papaya seeds for parasites for over 30 years so this study just is a confirmation.

When we began, it was already a long-established organic remedy.

It would be interesting to find out who first published this folk remedy in the USA.

David and Lin at Inside-Peru

Pawpaw (papaya) seeds and digestion
by: Peter Bardsley

Seeing ants enjoy pawpaw seeds almost as much dead flies, I searched if humans can swallow them, and found another group who say along with the flesh they are great to aid digestion, expel worms and that papaya seeds have antibacterial properties and are effective against E.coli, Salmonella and Staphylococcus infections.

Also, that they protect kidneys from toxin-induced failure and help detoxify the liver.

do you take the seeds whole or grinded
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

I have been getting such mixed information about how to take papaya seeds to clean parasite.

Some people swear that they must be taken WHOLE because of the Gell like component(sorry not sure what it is called) around the seeds. They claim that the gell around the seed is a crucial element in cleaning out parasites and that grinding them removes that gell.


there are some that suggest grinding them for a better result.

As you can see I am looooosssstttt.

Has anyone experienced both ways; taking them whole and grinding them. Which method proved to actually kill parasites?

Any and all info is greatly appreciated.

thank you :)

I suppose it's possible to not have the gel with the seeds. But that is almost never the case with blender-ground seeds.

You buy a papaya, cut it in half, and then scoop the seeds out with a spoon.

When a person scoops the papaya seeds out to put in the blender, all of the seeds and gel are scooped out at the same time.

The seeds are not picked out one at a time and cleaned.

So when you run the blender, the gell around the seeds is still there and you get the full benefit.

The only way I can figure that you wouldn't get the gel is in a powdered or pill form where the company has thouroughly washed the seeds to remove everything but the seeds before drying and grinding them.

I have no idea of that is what some companies do.

To avoid that possibility, try to get the papaya and grind the seeds yourself.

David @

Instead of honey
by: David - Inside-Peru

Honey is recommended because it has some antibiotic and healing properties.

However, it is not necessary to use honey for parasites and I can understand your desire to avoid it.

Basically, what you want is something to cover up the somewhat unsavory peppery taste of the seeds (although used sparingly, papaya seeds contribute to a good peppery salad dressing).

You might choose agave syrup or another sweetener of your choice... or just hold your nose, swallow the crushed papaya seeds down, and follow up with a half glass of water.

Or get the extract in sun-dried powder:

Vegan honey replacement for this..
by: Nat

Wow this is good information.

I have a question though.. I'm vegan and therefore don't use honey.

Do you think there is something else I could use instead of honey?

Papaya Seeds for Parasites, including giardia
by: David - Inside-Peru

Hi Marsha,

As you stated, this information is very useful when traveling in other countries. Less known is that giardia is common in developed countries like the USA also.

If you can't find papaya seeds in your country, you might look for some meat tenderizer that is made from papayas and doesn't contain a lot of other unhealthy ingredients. The ingredients will list papaine (extract of papaya plant) and little else.

I haven't looked recently in the stores in the US, so don't know what is commonly available. Now that I think about it, I'm going to see what's on the shelves here.

Enjoy your travels,

David and Lin

Just verified on Dr. Oz
by: Marsha

This was just verified on the Doctor Oz show. He suggested drinking a quarter cup of the seeds (ground) mixed with 1 tsp honey in juice for 10 days.

One of my traveling group got giardia last time we were in Peru. I wish I had know about this.

Dogs and papaya seeds for parasites
by: David

I can only say what works for humans so I guess you would have to figure out how to do this with dogs. I can't imagine papaya seeds or leaves would have negative effects but again, I'm not a vet.

I like to take about 1 level tablespoon of ground papaya seeds in the morning and again in the evening. Mixed with honey is good, but I just take that spoon and immediately wash it down with water. For dogs, you can try mixing it with whatever they eat, but there is a strong taste to the seeds or other papaya plant parts except for the fruit.

Probably 1 tablespoon per dog for three days should do the trick. Repeat this in two weeks for "eggs" that might have "hatched out."

I would be interested in hearing the results if you would post them to this thread!

For really good information on parasites and what to do about them, check out Angie's site, All About Parasites

giardia in dogs
by: debbie

I know all my dogs have giardia. My question is will the papaya leaf help get rid of it and if so how much and for how long do i give it to them. Tired of it in. Texas

Results are Good
by: David @ Inside-Peru

Since I eat out with less qualms than Lin, I get the bouts with parasites, usually giardia, which is common in untreated water throughout the world (including USA).

I have been keeping a mixture of honey and mashed papaya seeds in the freezer. The last two times I had giardia, I have taken about a tablespoon 2 or 3 times a day.

The first time, I did this for about 3 days. The 2nd time, only one day. In both cases it seems to have worked very fast.

On the other hand, these are not "clinical studies." Previous bouts with giardia have affected me for many days until I took the normal yuckie pharmaceutical meds for them.

So I am really happy with this remedy. I'll drop a line in the future as time goes by to see if it continues to work.

If any of you readers have tried this, please post the results.

Also, we would like to know about remedies for other common travelers' afflictions.

Remember - Stick to bottled water or carbonated drinks. Do not use ice, as it is generally made with untreated water. Don't drink out of a glass if it is wet. Dishes are many times just rinsed after the previous person, no soap used. Wash your hands, etc.

Please read El Gringo's comments for actual clinical results proving papaya seeds' effectiveness.

Papayas for getting rid of intestinal parasites
by: El Gringo

In third-world countries such as Peru, intestinal parasites are quite common. A lesser-known fact is that they are pretty common in developed countries, too.

There are two types of intestinal parasites- *one-celled protozoa" and "worms."

The most common one to get, in the USA as well as other countries, is giardia, a protozoa. It's usually identified by loose, foam, smelly stools. You can get the medicine easily at most any "farmacia" in Peru. But natural treatment and prevention also works well.

Papayas, especially papaya seeds, contain a lot of the enzyme papaine, which is sold as a meat tenderizer in your local stores. That's because it breaks down the protein in the meat. By the same token, it breaks down the protein in the body of parasites and kills them.

But there are other active agents in papaya plants that add to this effective treatment or prevention of parasites.

Taking at least one teaspoonful of papaya seed (grind it or chew it) along with the same amount of honey has proven in studies to be highly effective. Papaya juice and/or tea made from papaya leaves also have their effect.

A study at the University of Maryland Medical Center revealed the following:

"In one study, researchers found that a mixture of honey and papaya seeds cleared stools of parasites in 23 out of 30 subjects. Drink a lot of water to help flush out your system."

For more info see their site:

See also this great site, All About Parasites

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