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Angry Tourists Not Allowed into Machu Picchu

by David Schneider @
(Organos, Peru)

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Visibly upset, 100s of angry tourists are ready to denounce Peru as a travel destination after being denied access to Machu Picchu, according to El Comercio, Peru's main newspaper.

Due to publicity surrounding the 100th Anniversary of Machu Picchu's "discovery" by US playboy explorer Hiram Bingham, the world-famous Inca stronghold has experienced a surge in visitors.

Always crowded with tourists, this popular destination has suffered environmental and cultural damage from the traffic.

A limit of 2,500 visitors a day was recommended by UNESCO and has been in effect for some time, but few travelers are aware of the fact that they may be denied entrance when that limit is reached.

The tourists denied entrance in the last few days included ones who had already purchased entry tickets to Machu Picchu, among them Peruvian citizens.

Most were permitted entrance after understandably-upset visitors received special permission from the organization in charge of the site's preservation.

An alternative to entering the citadel is being considered that would allow another 400 visitors to view the nearby ruins overlooking the impressive fortress of Machu Picchu itself.

Be sure and check with a reputable tour agency before planning on visiting Machu Picchu.

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