Aero Condor Peru

by Candace
(Chicago Illinois USA)

Aero Condor Peru - from Wikipedia

Aero Condor Peru - from Wikipedia

~ submitted by Candace - Chicago USA.

Has anyone flown on Aero Condor Peru?

I know they do charter flights and was looking for information.

Wikipedia says they discontinued commercial passenger flights a few years ago when gas prices went up and around that time their Boeing 737 fleet was suspended because of some problems.

Now, it does look like they do serve some places but I can't find anyone who has had direct experience with Aero Condor here in Peru.

Some friends have been interested in some special charter flights and they asked me to help. I had heard some place about Aero Condor but I really haven't come up with anything to tell them.

If you know anything, please post to this forum.


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