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A Leaf and His Owner - June 2012 Peru Photo Contest

by Paloma Ruvira

A Leaf and His Owner  - June 2012 Peru Photo Contest

A Leaf and His Owner - June 2012 Peru Photo Contest

By: Paloma Ruvira - Argentina

The photo was taking on the road to Choquequirao ruins, in a camp. ( about 3 or 4 hours away from Cusco)

The date was January the 2nd. It was around 7pm, and it was a cold and cloudy afternoon

My idea is always to capture a moment, an instant and in this case it was the moment were the boy is lost deep in his thoughts about something...playing around with thing he could only find in his surroundings...

This place was our first camp in my 4 day excursion through the mountains; where a family with a marriage, kids and grandfathers were all helping and working.

The only contact they had with other people were tourists that did the excursion or a town 5 hours up hill (by horse).

They had an enchanting atmosphere where time just seemed to stop.

The camera is a Pentax, 35mm black and white with a 50mm lens.

There are no tips I can give another photographers as to how to take a photo or anything like that, but only to say that you have to always take your camera with you...because you never know what you are going to bump into...

I had to go uphill a lot (a lot) of hours and it was physically exhausting and from time to time thought of what the * was I thinking when I decided to take my analogical camera with me...

but I kept repeating myself that I knew it

was going to be worth it at the end....

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