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Inside-Peru Newsletter, Issue #018 - Rocoto Relleno, Yum!
October 09, 2012


Rocoto Relleno, Pachamanca, Papa Rellena, Pollo a la Brasa - Yum!

Peruvian Cuisine: Regional Variations

David and Lin SchneiderIn 2011 Frommer's voted Lima, Peru the top Food & Drink Destination for 2012.

Peruvian cuisine continues to be recognized as one of the best in the world. (See Peruvian recipes)

With its vibrant mixtures and rich spices, visitors are usually more than eager to sample the flavor of the country’s traditional food.

What makes Peru even more interesting is that its cuisines vary by region.

From the coast to the jungle, tourists can experience the unique specialties and variation of the country’s best dishes.

Peruvian Ceviche, Scallops, and Chupe

Along the coast, tourists can expect to be offered fish, fish, and more fish!

Peruvian Ceviche and ChupeIn fact, Peru’s national dish, ceviche (raw fish, lime juice, and onions), is widely available as an exciting specialty.

Restaurants along the coast offer various opportunities to try fresh ceviche, scallops, and chupe (crayfish or shrimp with potatoes in soup).

Tiradito and Tequeños

Cuisines with Asian influence are also popular in this region.

Examples would be Tiradito, a ceviche-like dish with hot pepper instead of onions, and Tequeños, which are rolls filled with seafood or chicken.

Papa Rellena and Pollo a la Brasa

Farther into the mainland, the influence of fish begins to wane and smaller meals often consist of corn and cheese, sweet potatoes, tamales, and eggs.

Larger meals typically include rice and chicken, papa rellena (stuffed potatoes), and pollo a la brasa (grilled or roasted chicken).

Cuy (guinea pig), Lomo Saltado, and Rocoto Relleno

In the Andean mountains, locals still live off of the land.

In the country, they grow their own crops and tend to small farms, creating their meals from corn, potatoes, vegetables, and meat.

Rocoto rellenoTourists will have many opportunities to try cuy (guinea pig) in the Andes, as well as llama and alpaca.

 Local dishes also include lomo saltado (beef stirfry), rocoto relleno (stuffed peppers) and pachamanca.


PachamancaThe dish shown here, pachamanca, is a mixture of meat and vegetables and is very unique given that it is cooked underground on hot stones.

This pachamanca may be the best example of how locals continue to live off of the land. 

Juane and Camu Camu Berries

In the Amazon jungle, the locals live off of exotic fruits and local wildlife.

Their meals resemble a sweet, wild combination that can only be found when living with nature.

The most popular dish in the jungle is juane, which is made of chicken and rice, but exotic in the fact that it is boiled between banana leaves.

Tourists also have the opportunity to stock up on vitamins from the native fruits, such as camu camu berries.

These berries, native to the Amazon jungle, are yet another example of the diversity found within Peru.

Ultimately, whether one is in the jungle, along the coast, or in the Andes, each experience is unique to the region, as is the cuisine that has given Peru its fame.

~ Contributed by Inside-Peru's Associate Writer Michelle Dinos

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