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Inside-Peru Newsletter, Issue #006 -- Travel Towns
June 25, 2010


Another few weeks have gone by with a lot of the background work that always has to be done, especially in the early days of a website. It's a learning experience and I like it, but we are looking forward to some more free time in the future, don't we all? David and Lin Schneider

Be sure and add your favorites to Top Ten Peru spots as seen by you, our viewers. We would love to have you rate the destinations...and include a photo if possible!

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Here are the latest updates and blogs:

Jun 20, 2010, Machu Picchu - Is Tourism All Good?

Matched it up pretty good, eh

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Jun 19, 2010, Arequipa Peru

Arequipa Peru is the second largest city after Lima with a population of over 900,000. At an altitude of 2335 meters (7.600 feet) above sea level, it is a good place to acclimatize to the altitude before visiting Cusco and Lake Titicaca/Puno.

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Jun 17, 2010, Puno Peru

What is it that attracts so many travelers to Puno Peru? No matter where you are in the vicinity of the city of Puno, you will be within sight of stunning Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world..

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Jun 17, 2010, Hotels in Puno

There are many hotels in Puno, Peru, to choose from in Puno. Although there have been reports of dissatisfaction with some of the hotels, others have found good recommendations. Here are some of the choices.

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Jun 17, 2010, Puno Travel

Puno Travel - Air, land, or train, why should you check these factors? Best deals? See what others have said.

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Jun 17, 2010, Cocada - Chewy Coconut Cookies from Peru

Serves 10 1 fresh coconut Molasses 1 cup 1 cup sugar 1 can evaporated milk 10 drops vanilla essence After removing the coconut water, peel and grate

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Jun 17, 2010, Check this out

Win an iPad from Sierra Trading Post!

Jun 16, 2010, Lima, Capital of Peru

Lima, capital of Peru: As the jumping-off point to the rest of Peru, it is Lima, the capital city of Peru, that makes the important first impressions on the visitor. And the following reasons reveal why.

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Jun 14, 2010, Pacaya Samiria National Reserve

The Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve in the rainforest of Peru is home to some of the largest populations of wildlife in the entire Amazon.

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