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Inside-Peru Newsletter, Issue #016 - What is the top story in Cusco?
June 03, 2012



Here's what you will find in this newsletter:

Corpus Christi

Associate Writer Michelle Dinos in Cusco fills us in on what the main topic of conversation is these days. She writes:

Across cities of Peru, bells begin to chime, drums sound, and light dancing can be heard on the streets, causing tourists to rush toward the unusual sounds.

As everyone watches, colorful processions begin to appear in distinct areas of the cities.

Statues of saints and virgins slowly become visible in the midst of traditional flutes, drums, and dancing.

Most cannot help but follow the processions aimlessly, willing to accompany them to their final destination.

The celebration has begun: Corpus Christi.

What is Corpus Christi?

Corpus Christi (i.e. The Body of Christ) is a religious festival that is celebrated in Peru two months after Easter Sunday.

On a specified day in June, small celebrations can be seen around the country; however, the largest procession takes place in Cusco.

During the day, the biggest church bell in the city, Maria Angola, is heard signaling the event.

The actual celebration consists of fifteen saints and virgins being paraded around the streets on their way to the main cathedral in the Plaza de Armas.

The goal on this day is for the saints and virgins to greet the body of Christ in the main cathedral.

What's to See

The outfits (particularly those of the virgins) reflect aspects of the Inca culture with embroidery designs of coca leaves, local flowers, and suns. In this way, the saints and virgins light up the streets of Cusco, announced by traditional music and colorful dancers.

En route, the procession draws hundreds of tourists who eagerly follow the parade, while many more decide to wait in the plaza for the best seats!

After the saints and virgins parade around the Plaza de Armas, they enter the cathedral, signaling an end to the procession on that day.

A week later, the saints and virgins can be seen once again, leaving the cathedral as they head back to their original locations. They will remain there for the next year, before hitting the streets once again in a new Corpus Christi!

The Inside-Peru Photo Contest

Send in your photos of Peru for a chance to win our photo contest for June, 2012.

Here are the current entries:

Jun 2, On the road to Heaven
Friday, June 01, 2012 9:00 PM

The photo was taking during one of the treckings towards the pick of Choquequirao ruins. The weather conditions were cloudy, as you all can see ...hahaha..

Jun 2, A Leaf and His Owner - June 2012 Peru Photo Contest
Friday, June 01, 2012 8:50 PM

By: Paloma Ruvira - Argentina The photo was taking on the road to Choquequirao ruins, in a camp. ( about 3 or 4 hours away from Cusco) The date was

Jun 2, Mountain Mist - June 2012 Peru Photo Contest Friday, June 01, 2012 8:33 PM

By: Manya Kuzemchenko - Brooklyn, NY, USA Where was this photo taken? on the climb to to the Huillquicasa pass, between Quisuarani and Cuncani in

The Peru Photo Contest 2012 is currently running, so get your photos in for this month. Above all, check out all the photos and vote on the ones you feel are the best.

To see all the photos from each month, go to Pictures of Peru.

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Feb 20, Border Crossing from Peru to Bolivia
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