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Inside-Peru Newsletter, Issue #005 -- The Excitement of Travel from Inside Peru
June 02, 2010


Lots has been happening with us at our beach town here in Peru.

Lin was having pains like her "vesicula" (gallbladder) but that was removed years ago. After a several imaging procedures and visits to a gastroenterologist (3 hours each way), it was found that she had a small stone in her kidney that apparently was irritating it and causing inflammation.

Anyway, that has let up and she is adjusting her diet a little and feeling pretty good. So we got to go the beach again the last 3 days. It had been a month. We found some sea glass, nice shells, neat rocks with round holes, and a not-dried-out-yet (yuk) seahorse that's out on the porch.

We have been yearning to go back to the jungle, our second-favorite area of Peru (each area takes turns, even Lima!!!) but haven't had the time or cash to make a run for it! Getting some submissions about Iquitos and Pucalpa from our viewers (you) about the jungle doesn't help. David and Lin Schneider

Be sure and add your favorites to Top Ten Peru spots as seen by you, our viewers. We would love to have you rate the destinations...and include a photo if possible!

Other participation pages for you to share are:

With the heavy doses of sunlight here nearly everyday, our thoughts have turned to solar energy for hot water and power!

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May 22, 2010, Iquitos Peru

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May 20, 2010, Peru Money, Peruvian Currency, Currency in Peru

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