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Inside-Peru Newsletter, Issue #014 - Perking Up with Peru!
February 09, 2011


Do you need perking up? That cheerful feeling? Buck up, liven up your life, visit Peru!

Although there has been some strikes in the news here, mainly in the major port area near Lima, that has affected only those directly involved in exporting or importing things.

Most of Peru has felt perky with the economy doing better than the US (overall, the Peruvian Nuevo Sol gets worth more and more ... or you might say the USDollar gets worth less and less) each month.

For the general person that doesn't mean much. For us - well, since our income is in USD, that means that we need more dough to bake bread, if you get the drift.

But in the big picture, that mean that Peru is looking good to investors and money is coming in for all sorts of projects. Check out the news blurbs, for instance, the irrigation project that will bring water to the desert not too, too far from where we live.

So whatever it will be that is grown there, starting in 2012 on, should be cheaper?

Well, we know how that goes.

This morning was nice and sunny, our usual weather. Then it clouded up fast and we were hoping for rain.

Of course, we had planned to go to the beach late this p.m., and the clouds forced us to up our plans to early afternoon. Actually, we were kind of hoping for rain but it never came.

Perky and Cheerful Peru?

Anyway, this afternoon, I was out in the surf floundering around and asking myself, "Isn't it a little ridiculous for a 63-year-old to be out here relearning to surf???"

Well, my wife reassured me when I got back on terra firma that it wasn't ridiculous. She is a lovely lady. And Peru? Perky and cheerful.

Check the weather conditions for your Peru destination here.

Now, here are the latest additions to, your choice in Peru Travel.

Feb 8, 2011

Peruvian Hat | Alpaca Hats | The Chullo

Peruvian Hat - In the classic tourist photos of Machu Picchu, Titicaca, and the high Andes Mountains, what is the favored headgear? The

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Feb 7, 2011

Best Peruvian Ceviche Recipes

Best Peruvian Ceviche Recipes - Ummm, that salty seafood taste with a bite! Here we begin our best recipes for Peruvian ceviche.

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Feb 7, 2011

Inside-Peru News Update

BBC News - Dengue fever strain prompts red alert in Peru---Ubinas Volcano, Peru : Image of the Day


World's First Surf Arena Debuts at Boulevard de Asia in Peru


Peru: Lost Humboldt Penguin Called Tomas Found Wandering In ...

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Feb 6, 2011

I enjoyed my first Peruvian red wine

Hi, thanks to a visit to Peru by my brother and his wife, I had an opportunity to enjoy a Peruvian red wine blend for the first time. It was a blend

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Feb 4, 2011

Peru Religion and Social Change | Religion in Peru

Peru Religion and Social Change - What are the religions in Peru and how have they affected the culture and social change? With a dual personality, religion in Peru can be seen as good or bad. religion.

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Feb 3, 2011

Mancora Peru Beaches and Sunsets

Mancora Peru is a bustling town on the North Coast of Peru. Originally a small fishing village, this beach town has grown in the last few years into a rapidly-expanding beach playground.

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Feb 2, 2011

La Vuelta, Los Organos Surf Report Peru

The surf report was calling for 3 ft swell but as you can see from the photos there were some sets here this morning. It was about 20 minutes between sets,

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Feb 1, 2011

Cool wall maps!!!

Wallzilla is a printed wall map with a unique, adhesive backing. Exclusive to, wall maps can be printed on the tightly woven WALLZILLA material using high quality UV inks to produce the first ever wall map that can be:

  • Attached without screws, nails, tacks, tape or glue.
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    Jan 31, 2011

    Inca Pottery - Clay Pottery Designs in Incan Ruins

    Inca Pottery - For the Incas and their descendants, the Quechua, pottery has played and continues to play an important part of life. Of the two main types of Inca clay pottery designs - ceremonial and utilitarian - found in Incan ruins and excavations, the most sought after ceramic pieces are those known as Huacos.

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    Jan 30, 2011

    Inca Architecture - Inca Pyramids - Ancient American Civilization

    Inca Architecture - The most visible remains of the extenisve Inca Civilization of Peru are its amazing structures - its Incan architecture. While traveling in Peru, especially in the southern mountains, you will see many examples of the oustanding architecture of this ancient civilization of Peru - workmanship in fortresses like Machu Picchu, the Incan temples, existing cities like Cusco, and the Inca pyramids.

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    Jan 30, 2011

    Machu Picchu

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    Jan 29, 2011

    Inside Peru News Update

    Brazil, Argentina and Peru clashat Huanchaco Pro
    Global Surf News
    Last year Rodrigo Sphaier sprinted to the South American title winningin Peru in a decision against the Peruvian Piccolo Clemente. ...

    Peru-Brazil highway opens
    BBC News
    The road runs through Brazil and Peru and some like Luis Aguirre,Governor of Peru's Madre de Dios region, are warning of the damage thenew road will cause ...

    Peru to submit world heritagecandidature files 'no later than March'
    Andina - Agencia Peruana deNoticias
    Peru will submit nomination files for Unesco's Representative List ofIntangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in March at the latest,Peruvian Culture ...

    Breaking News Today SeaAnimals in Lima, Peru Are Endangered
    By Adiguna
    On the edge of Lima, and almost always hidden behind a dense fog, ithides a natural reserve composed of islands where thousands of sealions, a community of endangered penguins and several species of birdslive.

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    Jun 19, 2010, Arequipa Peru

    Arequipa Peru is the second largest city after Lima with a population of over 900,000. At an altitude of 2335 meters (7.600 feet) above sea level, it is a good place to acclimatize to the altitude before visiting Cusco and Lake Titicaca/Puno.

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