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2011 May 20 - Mancora Surf Report

by David Schneider
(Los Organos, Piura, Peru)

Some shoulder high sets

Some shoulder high sets

There have not been any remarkable north swells this year for some reason here in N. Peru. This week, though, a big south swell was supposed to have had enough oomph to bend around into our beaches. Well, local beach Los Organos basically got nothing.

Mancora got some waves though. Not as much as we expected. I had to go to Mancora to get some painkillers for Lin, as she was having one of her bouts with migraine. Since I had heard that there were possibly waves, I took the camera and checked out the beach.

So here is what I saw. Not a lot but at least surfable. The best thing about Mancora right now is hardly anyone is there. All the more serious surfers are at Cabo Blanco or Lobitos.

For the moment, the surf report is calling for the same size tomorrow morning in Mancora, so if Lin is feeling better, we'll head there, me to surf while it's glassy, her to look for sea glass.

It's a Tough Job but Someone's Gotta Do It

Since checking out the beaches is a write-off for either of our two website businesses, I took the time walking the beach and picking up some nice pieces of sea glass today, getting home sunburned and hungry.

See more about the sea glass etcetera at our blog on our other site, Odyssey Sea Glass.

Boards and Surf Trips to Lobitos - Cheap

I stopped into a place called Victor's Surf Rentals in the strip of hotels and shops right on the beach to set up some surf tours - to Lobitos.

Now, Lobitos is definitely the place to be this week if possible. The wind is offshore, waves 6-7 feet, sunny, 5-star ratings all day for the next couple of days.

Hopefully, we'll get a few photos on what's happening there.

Hey! Remember to contact me if you want to:

Take surf lessons - even if it's your first time, guaranteed you will stand up and surf a wave!

Rent boards - lots of boards available and you'll find you find one you're happy with.

Surf trips - an all day trip to Lobitos (5 different breaks) and back from Mancora is 50 soles ($18.00 USD) if you bring your own board. To rent a board add another 20 soles ($7.00 USD). Trips to other beaches like the famous Cabo Blanco that are happening include Cabo Blanco's famous barrels for cheaper than Lobitos. Other nearly unknown spots are nearby.

Kite surfing with a real ripper instructor.

Just let me know and we'll set it up quickly.

David Schneider
Inside Peru Surfing

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